It’s quite difficult to convince some people that making the most of what tends to be their biggest asset, is sound financial sense.  Often I hear “Why can’t everyone just like my house for what it is? Why do I need to update things? I don’t want to spend money on a place when I’m leaving it!”

A well presented property is much more likely to achieve a quicker sale at the best market price.  Cleaned (very important!), de-cluttered, de-personalised and styled for sale, your property will immediately jump out from the crowd.  And, an attractive property will get much more attention from your Estate Agent!

1 in 10 viewers just can’t visualise how a property could look when surrounded by all your ‘bits and pieces’.  How many times have you heard friends comment on the furniture they saw in a property rather than on the property itself?  If you are selling, do yourself a favour, at the very least tidy up.

Interestingly, here in the UK, more of us spend time cleaning and polishing our (much less valuable) cars for sale than we do our properties! 

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