The home staging/house selling process is all about getting potential buyers to emotionally connect with the property that’s for sale.

Ideally, ‘we’ (the home-stager, home-seller, estate agent) want the buyer to have such a positive reaction during the viewing that they can actually visualise living in the home-sellers home.

What we don’t want, is for a buyer to have to imagine a room’s purpose, where the furniture should go, what size bed or sofa would fit into the available space. And we really want to avoid something that will stick in a potential buyers mind for the wrong reasons.

Presentation is key. Good marketing is essential. Ensuring a property looks fantastic online and when a buyer steps over the threshold will lead to quicker sales, less stress and the best price.

So it was with some amusement this week, when researching houses for sale on Rightmove that I noticed a fairly big ‘faux pas’.

The property is a swish London Penthouse, located in Chelsea Harbour and on sale for just short of 7 Million pounds. It’s very nicely furnished, photographs well and looks like it has been dressed for sale. However, as you can see from this image the dining table is missing… either that or it’s from a new line of ‘invisible’ furniture!


There could be any number of reasons for the missing table; followers of mine on Instagram were quick to make references to the ‘Emperors new Clothes’!

The image is quite funny but from a marketing point of view there’s absolutely no excuse… particularly at this price point!

Whether the table was damaged, delayed, or the Home Stager was still working on another room, the photographer shouldn’t have taken the shot or if he/she did, the estate agent shouldn’t have used it.

I wonder if the table is now in place for viewings?!

If you’ve noticed any funny property marketing photos or you need some advice on how to style your home for sale I’d love to hear from you.

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