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Frequently asked questions about home staging

How much do you charge?
The cost of styling your home for sale can vary greatly depending on what needs to be done. I work hard to keep styling costs as low as possible and do a cost benefit evaluation of every suggestion before we carry it through. I offer a range of ‘packages’ but I’m happy to create something more bespoke to suit your requirements. Styling for sale is the best short term investment you can make today.
How long does it take?
Generally, Home-Sale Consultations take 2-3 hours per property. Simple property styling can take anything from 1/2 a day to 2 or 3 days depending on your project. Homes that require de-cluttering, painting, or general fixing up work plus finishing touches can take as long as 2 weeks.
When should we book an appointment?
Get in touch as soon as you start thinking about selling or renting out your property, even before you have thought of which estate agent to use (I can help you with that too!). An ‘in home’ appointment will be arranged to suit your schedule; weekdays, weekends or evenings. However, please bear in mind that it’s much better for me to assess your home in daylight. I will work with you to develop a strategic plan best suited to meet your marketing needs; styling, photography, estate agents promotions, open-day launches, viewings etc.
Why should we make our home look different to sell?
Good question and one that is nearly always asked! It is your home. But it’s also your most valuable asset. Styling your home ensures your asset is viewed by buyers at its highest potential value. Professionally Styled properties feed the needs of buyers coming in the door, increasing the perceived value and giving your home the edge over your competition – which in the current market is highly desirable!
We are SELLING our home we don’t want to put MORE money into it!
I use and suggest inexpensive quick fixes to give your home a huge return on your investment. By fixing up all the small details your home feels well maintained and more valuable. Remember, small problems add up to big discounts in the minds of the buyers!

“Thanks for the images Helen. Our flat looks AMAZING! Thank you!! Fingers and toes now all crossed for a quick sale at the right amount. Many thanks for all your help and consideration. I’ll be sure to recommend you to others.”
Ben L