These are some cheap and easy ways to spruce up your home before it goes on the market. Ideally, even before your agent comes round to value.

All that is required is a bit of elbow grease and a little bit of patience!


  • Cut the grass – it’s an instant facelift for the garden.
  • Remove Rubbish – take garden/domestic rubbish to the tip.
  • Weed flower/vegetable beds – apply new mulch for a fresh look.
  • Clean windows and frames – get rid of all dirt and cobwebs.
  • Paint the front door – at the very least give it a good scrub clean.
  • Ensure the front door bell works – don’t miss prospective buyers.
  • Smarten up wooden fences – give them a lick of paint.
  • Clear gutters of leaves/weeds – fix back any loose downpipes too.
  • Pick up any dog poo – pack away pet toys/balls.
  • Check outside lights work – replace blown bulbs, clean fittings. 


  • Clean all windows – take down net curtains.
  • Shampoo carpets – hire a DIY machine or call in professionals.
  • Paint walls and ceilings – particularly the ‘dirtiest’ walls/rooms.
  • Repair leaky taps – clean shower traps, deodorise sink/bath wastes.
  • Clean your toilet(s) – keep the lid down for photos and viewings.
  • Tidy kitchen/bathroom cupboards – they will be looked in.
  • Dust bulbs and light-fittings – they will look brighter and better.
  • Pack away excessive collections of… anything – clear
  • Deep clean kitchen floors and worktops – remove tea stains/grime.
  • Re-seal sinks/worktops/tiles/bath/showers – new sealant = clean.