A guest post by a lovely Estate Agent friend!

I just love small yappy dogs me, no really I do!!

I have done two Market Appraisals today, both of which the clients had Dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely fine with dogs, so long as they leave me alone, I mean I am wearing a suit, even in the middle of summer because it is expected of me, to be fair I only buy M&S machine washable suits.

On the first appointment I was met by the yapping of this poodle, running around and scratching at my trouser leg, followed by the most mental terrier leaping about like a derranged thing and nipping at my fingers, both completely ignoring ‘Mummy’.

I then spend the appointment with the dogs alternating for my attention, whining at me, scratching my legs, jumping up on the seat beside me when I sit down, just generally driving me nuts.

The second appointment, the property was a bit grubby to begin with and they had this absolutely ancient black lab, nice old boy of a dog, but constantly trying to sniff my crutch, and then he follows me round, so that when I turn round I end up tripping over him (and them).

Anyway, just a thought, I like dogs, and when I am wearing jeans and I can spend the time to make a fuss of them and throw a ball great, but when it’s business, shut them in the garden, because otherwise I might set my kids on you instead! 

This post was by ‘well known’ Estate Agent   @SecretEaDad